Service Fee- $60.00

Labor Rates- ​ $24.00/15 min.

​                                $96.00/hr

​Overtime Hours

Monday-Friday after 4:30pm

​Saturday & Sunday

​Overtime Service Fee- ​$90.00

​Overtime Labor Rates- $36.00/15 min.


​(1 hr minimum for overtime calls)

​-12am-6am is double time $192/hr

​-Holidays are double time $192/hr

​General Services.

​Above prices may not include additional materials needed to complete services.

Excavator w/1 ground man- ​$220/hr  ​(minimum of 3 hours)

​Well pump machine- $70

​K1500 snake- $70

​K50 snake- $35

​Jackhammer​- $150

Concrete Saw​- $150

​Hammer Drill- $100

Camera Snake​- $300

​-​if we get a dig up job to replace or repair water/sewer line as a result of the camera snake findings then the charge will be reduced to $100

​Water Flow Test- $200 occupied

​                                       $300 unoccupied

​​​Rates & Hours​​​

      ​    Comstock Plumbing, LLC


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